Join us on Wednesday 16th June from 12:30-2:00pm (AEST)
for this free networking event

Featuring presenters from a diverse range of workplaces and sectors, the workplace networking event is the forum to connect, network and learn from other organisations and access support and resources from Mental Health First Aid Australia. 

For organisations who have recently introduced MHFA training, or those considering the program, this free 90-minute networking event hosted via Zoom is the perfect opportunity to learn from other workplaces and hear first-hand about successful implementation strategies.

If you are already running MHFA training, then the peer-to-peer event is a great way to engage with other workplaces, and learn more about the innovative ways that businesses are using MHFA to improve employee well-being and culture in their organisations.  

The event will feature a short presentation from our 4 featured workplaces, a Q & A session and then the opportunity for more in-depth conversation, in smaller, facilitated breakout rooms.

Meet the presenters

Melissa Cameron, Advisor Health & Wellness, Evolution Mining 

Melissa is Evolution Mining Mungari’s Health & Wellness Advisor.  With a diverse skill-set and a Health and Fitness background, Melissa takes a proactive and holistic approach to physical and mental health and regularly develops and presents internal wellness campaigns to provide ongoing support to personnel on site. 

Melissa’s presentation: Melissa will focus on the diversity of people trained and how the broad reach of personnel across all departments and roles (from operators through to managers) benefit from MHFA training.

Tanya Roberts, Administration Manager, Australian Wind Services

Tanya has been with Australian Wind Services for 4 years as their Administration Manager, a varied role in a small company. She is passionate about involving and encouraging others to seek the best outcomes. Seeing a cultural change is what inspires her the most.

In her presentation, Tanya looks at the motivation behind introducing MHFA training, the resources that have been utilised on their MHFA journey and the cultural shift that’s occurred across the company as a result of increased awareness and understanding.

Michelle Cook, Senior Learning Specialist, Services Australia

Michelle is not only the Senior Learning Specialists and the National Coordinator for Mental Health First Aid with Services Australia, but she also has “Master Instructor” status in Mental Health First Aid delivery. With a strong interest in health and wellbeing, Michelle has been the driving force behind implementing Suicide Awareness training, Creating Mentally Healthy Workplace training, and the MHFA Workplace and the AMHFA Community Blended programs within Services Australia.

Michelle’s presentation will focus on the rollout of both the Blended MHFA Workplace and the AMHFA Community courses within Services Australia, our key learnings and internal evaluations.

Ruth Oakden, Group Manager Wellbeing, Toll Group

Working at the Toll Group for over two decades, Ruth loves the challenges and rewards of her role as Group Manger Wellbeing. MHFA is a cornerstone of Toll’s Wellbeing program and Ruth loves facilitating the program and seeing the skills, understanding and awareness spread across the Toll workplace and broader community.

Ruth will look at the role of the Mental Health First Aid Officer (MHFAO) and specifically the infrastructure that workplaces can put in place, to ensure that the role of an MHFAO is clearly defined, that escalation plans are in place and that the MHFAO is appropriately supported.

Don’t forget places are strictly limited, so register and secure your spot today.

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The Event will be facilitated by external providers from Social Ventures Australia.

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